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Worldbeat / Electronic

Ribab Jam (extract)

Ribab Jam releases June 11th 2021.

Then on June 17th, join Addictive TV in an online Q&A giving an insight into creating Orchestra of Samples, and the making of Ribab Jam. Some of the musicians who took part will join from Moroccco, Colombia and India. Free registration here.

And on June 24th Addictive TV host an online workshop remixing Ribab Jam using free music app GarageBand. Free registration here.

With 11 musicians sampled for Ribab Jam, this track contains more instruments than any other in the whole Orchestra of Samples project.

Taking its name from the lead instrument, the ribab – a single stringed bowed instrument from Morocco that we recorded with Ahmed Bijdiguen in the southern desert outside the small city of Tiznit, the track seemed to take on a naturally laid back ska-like vibe. With the ribab at times almost sounding like a muted trumpet, it blended wonderfully with calypso-influenced guitar of Luis Camacho recorded in Colombia’s beautiful Caribbean port city of Cartagena and the two samples then worked perfectly with improvised vocals recorded in Panjim, India, with Deetshida Murali.

Further field-recordings we sampled include flute, drums, congas, west African kalimba and a Dominican güira percussion scraper adding the swishy idiosyncratic vibes, before finally the whole track moves to an atmospheric mellow ending with the glass pyramids, piano and a celtic harp.

RIBAB – Ahmed Bijdiguen
GUITAR – Luis Camacho
GÜIRA – Daniel Correa
VOCALS – Deetshida Murali
FLUTE – Peter Bosher
PYRAMIDS – Dame Evelyn Glennie
KALIMBA – Dia Gomis
DRUMS – Lucas Fox
CONGAS – Paul Gunter
PIANO – Victoria Oruwari
CELTIC HARP – Marie Wambergue

Project producers: Francoise Lamy & Graham Daniels
Composition: Graham Daniels & Michael Neo
Additional fretless guitar: Alejandro de Valera
Mixing: Jérôme Caron
Artwork: Anna Alcock

Kindly supported by Arts Council England.