Free samples for remixing

Cut, paste, cut paste, loop! We’ve prepared some samples from a few Orchestra of Samples tracks, making them freely available for you to download, remix and create non-commercial mixes of your own. There’s also a video tutorial here on how to create a remix using Garageband.  Below are preview mp3 files of some of the individual samples you’ll receive when you fill in your details below for us to send back the download link. Sign up below to get the samples and feel free to upload your track to your Soundcloud, YouTube (or similar) and send us the link!


And here are some of the samples from Ribab Jam you’ll receive.


And below are previews of some of the samples you’ll receive from the track Hangman.


And here are some of the samples from the track Unity Through Music you’ll get.



If you would like the samples, please send us your name, email address and country you’re from on the form below and we’ll send you a link to download the samples. Please remember these are for non-commercial use only, you are free to remix, transform and share the results but you must give a credit to the Orchestra of Samples project. By sending us your details you agree to these terms and not to use these samples in any commercial activity, such as a release or sale of these samples.