Garageband Remix Tutorial

A beginner’s guide to using GarageBand Live Loops for iOS.  Addictive TV’s Michael Neo gives a tutorial on how to use Live Loops functions to create your own remix of ‘Ribab Jam’ from ‘Orchestra of Samples’.

Download free music app GarageBand on your iPad or iPhone from here and download samples from our project hereThis tutorial guides you through GarageBand’s basic Live Loops features.

00:42 Welcome
01:22 Create new file/project
01:30 Quick overview of templates and Sound Library
02:16 How to import files using loop browser
03:50 How to set individual track volumes using the side panel
04:23 How to import apple loops using loop browser
06:16 Column play function
06:48 How to set tempo and key signature
09:10 How to duplicate columns using Cell Editing
10:06 How to build-up a track using columns Auditioning samples whilst playing the track Importing Setting volumes to balance overall loudness
14:02 How to use Track Settings Compressor EQ Reverb Noise Gate Adding other FX – Distortion 18:14 How to use FX function

As well as a composer, Michael Neo is a qualified music teacher who’s taught music production using GarageBand.  He’s written music for theatre productions and is also a 3D binaural sound specialist!