Addictive TV ft Lætitia Sadier

Record Details

Worldbeat / Electronic

Record Tracklist

  1. BEACHCOMA -:-- / -:--

Working with Lætitia Sadier, lead singer of iconic 90’s band Stereolab, was simply great – her voice has such a beautiful velvet quality to it!  We created the main riff from sampling Latin Grammy winner Mazinho Quevedo, the amazing Brazilian guitarist we recorded in a São Paulo park in Brazil in 2011.  We found a sample where he was in key and tempo with both a 25 piece children’s choir we had later recorded in France and the Cristal Baschet (the glass instrument used in our track Eastern Baschet), all giving a very ethereal dream like quality to the piece.  Added to this are musicians from the Inner Vision Orchestra we recorded in 2014 (the UK’s only orchestra of blind musicians) plus experimental musician Alistair Strachan on the trumpet-like cornet.

VOICE – Lætitia Sadier
VIOLA GUITAR – Mazinho Quevedo
CRISTAL BASCHET – Catherine Brisset
GUITAR – Rikki Jodelko
CLARINET – Aby Baker
CORNET – Alistair Strachan
CHOIR – Ivry Conservatoire Children’s Choir
PIANO – Jack Hues
FRETLESS GUITAR – Alejandro de Valera
TABLA & BELLS – Kuljit Bhamra

Lyrics by Graham Daniels & Mark Vidler