Stereolab’s Lætitia Sadier

An inspirational and innovative musical force to so many, including ourselves, Stereolab’s front woman Laetitia Sadier was a natural choice to approach to be part of Orchestra of Samples and working with her was a joy.

Originally from France, Laetitia formed the now cult band Stereolab in 1990 with British experimental rock artist Tim Gane – who she also owns Duophonic Records with.  As well as singer/songwriter for the group, she also played keyboards, percusions, guitar and even trombone. The band’s acclaimed 1993 album Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements on American label Elektra Records was their breakthrough, their first major label release, and their 1996 album Emperor Tomato Ketchup was also a hit.  Swept up in the whole britpop movement of the 90’s, it’s well documented that Stereolab’s sound was influential to bands like Blur, and in recognition of that particular instance, Laetitia sang (in French) on the Blur hit To The End from their Parklife album.

Over the years, she’s also collaborated with numerous other artists including Mouse on MarsThe High Llamas and Tortoise, formed her own side-project Monade – releasing 3 albums – and now these days performs under her own name.  In recent years, she’s released three solo albums on Drag City Records – in 2010 The Trip and in 2012 Silencio, then in 2014, her latest Something Shines.

Oddly enough, with Blur frontman Damon Albarn’s love of unusual instruments, for his stage musical Monkey: Journey to the West he famously used the rare Cristal Baschet, which we also recorded for Orchestra of Samples and coincidently use heavily in the Beach Coma track Laetitia sings on for the project…