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Worldbeat / Electronic

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  1. HANGMAN -:-- / -:--

For us, this track is a departure from some of the others, but when recording the hang (the UFO shaped metal drum) with percussionist Daniel Salorio in Madrid, Spain, we just heard something in his improvisation. We knew this was one to cut-up, sample and create a track from, the instrument’s sound is something other-worldly. Other samples include gombri recorded in Tunisia, a kayamb shaker recorded on the Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, French acapella act Ommm, flute from Christophe Rosenberg and percussion recorded in Brazil.

HANG – Daniel Salorio
GUITAR – Mark Vidler
BASS GUITAR – Alejandro de Valera
GOMBRI – Zouhheir Gouja
FLUTE – Christophe Rosenberg
KAYAMB – Maya Kamaty
PERCUSSION РFernando Mazoni (Patubatê)
TAN TAN (samba drum) –¬†Silas Ribeiro