Livika in Madrid

Drums drums drums!

In Madrid, we hooked up with Daniel Salorio and Guillermo Fernandez-Cid who are both obsessive collectors of drums. Livika, their band, are a group of musicians who believe in bringing cultures and people together through percussion, a complete synergy with what we’re doing – “Rhythm is the soul of life” as they put it “and the drum has been used as a healing instrument in all cultures around the world“.

During their live performances all manner of drums, musicians and dancers fill the stage in one huge blend of rhythms from all over the World. We filmed them playing their home-made and very over-sized Cajón (flamenco box), their equally enormous Japanese Taiko drum, the clackering sound of the Carcasheps or Krakebs (also spelt Qraqeb) from Morocco and finally the beautiful ‘lighter than air’ sound of the hang – the small steel drum in the idiophone class created by PanArt in Switzerland (and looks a bit like an UFO!).  The hang has such a hypnotic sound, you could lay back, just stare at the sky and listen to it all day…!

Check out their projects at and their Facebook page.

Huge thanks to Elena Toledo at Jetlag.