František Holčík

Meeting and recording musicians for Orchestra of Samples is always a joy, and a wonderful local artist we met through organising our community music project Plugged – an initiative promoting emerging artists – was clarinettist and EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) player František Holčík.

Originally from Slovakia and now living in London, he produces work under the moniker Time Fracture. In his youth he studied clarinet locally, before moving to the Konzervatórium Bratislava (Slovakia’s national conservatoire in the capital) while at the same time becoming fascinated by – and part of – the exploding Slovakian drum ‘n’ bass scene. He worked with well known Slovak producers Goro & Dephzac, regularly appearing as a clarinettist at their Blackrain nights at Bratislava’s Club Number 3.

Soon after that he joined forces with others to form the electronica project Electrofunkyz, releasing the album AudioZoo in 2014, before relocating to London to study music production at Point Blank music school. He also toured Europe as a core member of the Hugo Čáves Orchestra, and in recent years has returned to his roots performing as part of UK cabaret show Rendezvous in Bratislava, which received glowing 5-star reviews and also took him to the USA for performances.  Definitely go and check out his work!

2022 UPDATE NOTE: František – or Frank as he’s known – now often performs with us on EWI, here’s a few photos from different shows here and here.

With many thanks again to the Big Creative Academy for supporting us with the use of their recording studio.  These 2021 sessions are kindly supported by Arts Council England.