(from ‘Orchestra of Samples’)

Sampling and creating the track around the hang drum that we recorded in an improvised session in Madrid with Livika’s Daniel Salorio, ‘Hangman’ is the second track from the album ‘Orchestra of Samples’. Improvised recording sessions took place around the world with musicians, which were then sampled to create the whole project (audio and video were both recorded at the same time).

Other samples in the track include recordings made in Tunisia, Brazil, France and Reunion Island (in the India Ocean near Madagascar).  Additional guitars were also added from both Mark Vidler and fretless guitar virtuoso Alejandro de Valera.

Daniel Salorio (Livika) : Hang drum
Ommm : Vocals
Zouhheir Gouja : Gombri
Christophe Rosenberg : Flute
Maya Kamaty : Kayamb
Fernando Mazoni (Patubatê) : barrel drum
Silas Ribeiro : Tan tan drum