Return of Django

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Return of Django (short extract above) began with sampling well known French artist DJ Zebra (Antoine Minne) on guitar, along with Daniel Correa‘s gaita flute, recorded in Colombia, providing a latin vibe that, to us, conjured up images of dusty deserts!

It soon developed an enigmatic ‘wild west movie’ vibe, driven by the slow beating congas of Cyrille Lecoq and the strange rotating ‘blow pipes’ invented by musician Nicolas Bras, both recorded in France. The samples recorded in the UK of world renowned percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie on ethereal sounding crotales and Kat Richmond on violin really helped complete the track, along with further percussion recorded in Brazil and Colombia.

GUITAR – Antoine Minne (DJ Zebra)
GAITA FLUTE – Daniel Correa
CONGAS – Cyrille Lecoq
BLOW PIPES – Nicolas Bras
CROTALES – Dame Evelyn Glennie
BERIMBAU – Fred Magalhães
VIOLIN – Kat Richmond
PANDEIRO – Rogerinho Amaral
CASCABELILLO – Marlon Marañon

Project producers: Francoise Lamy & Graham Daniels
Composition: Graham Daniels & Mark Vidler
Mixing: Mark Vidler
Artwork: Anna Alcock