Recycling junk for music!

While in Brazil, for our performance at the amazing Celebrar Brasilia event, we hooked up for a session with “eco-band” Patubatê (pronounced Patoo-bat-ay).  For over 12 years now, the guys have been transforming and recycling all manner of old junk and scrap metal into musical instruments, from kitchen pots and pans to car exhaust pipes and truck suspension springs!

Performing internationally but based in Brazil’s capital city Brasilia, the group of showmen, headed up by the trio of Fred, Fernando and DJ Leandronik, use their unconventional instruments of metal, wood and plastic to create all sorts of Brazilian rhythms from samba to maracatu, baião and others all mixed with electronic beats and vinyl scratching.  They describe it as sustainable music created with ‘recycled’ instruments, we describe it as ‘simply amazing’!

Filling two pick-up trucks with all their kit, we filmed the guys in the Park da Cidade in Brasilia, where they gave us a taster of their stunning and wild performance, playing a whole range of their self-built and ‘junk’ instruments from berimbau to a saucepan!

Massive thanks to Frederico Magalhães, Fernando Mazoni, DJ Leandronik and Gustavo Lavoura.  Go check them out at

Big thanks to João Vicente from Celebrar Brasília for the introduction.