Mariachis & Mexican songs

Still in Mexico and we did an interview for Indie Rocks Magazine with Luis Alberto González who kindly took the time to introduce us to Leika Mochán, Dora Juárez and Sandra Cuevas aka Muna Zul.  The acapella trio simply blew us away with their beautiful harmony singing, making the hairs on the back of our neck stand up! Queens of improvisation, they mix genres from folk to jazz and local styles like susurros, cacareos, ragas, aullidos, chasquidos and mugidos. They’re quite a bit of a sensation in Mexico and in fact New York artist John Zorn produced their first album Muna Zul – here’s a clip of them on Mexican television.

After some street-food lunch, Luis took us to Plaza Garibaldi in the historic centre of Mexico City, which is the place to go to see live Mariachi music.  And it certainly is Mariachi Mecca as we called it.  Full of Mariachi bands playing all sorts of styles from different parts of the country and, we were told, at all hours of the day and night Mariachi bands can be found playing or soliciting gigs from visitors to the Plaza (there’s also lots of tequila bars too!).  Could have happily spent 24 hours there! The Mariachis we recorded played guitar, guitarrón (the big bass guitar), violin and trumpet.

Massive thanks to Luis Alberto González.