A park in Brazil…


In July we were in Paulinia, in Brazil – often jokingly referred to as “Paulywood” as it’s a real hub for film studios the Brazilian movie industry.  We were in Brazil performing at the city’s Fest2011 event and while there, the festival organisers arranged for us to film & record composer and instrumentalist Mazinho Quevedo – one of the top Viola players in the World and considered one of the leading lights of Caipira (Brazilian country music).  In 2009 his album Alma Caipira was nominated for a Latin Grammy award and in 2010 he took the role of artistic director for a special concert celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Orquestra de Violeiros de Paulinia.

We filmed Mazinho and his friend Antonio Fernando Candido, one of the musicians from the Orquestra de Violeiros, in a beautiful park as the sun was setting.  The pair specialise in Viola Caipira, a ten-string folk guitar where the strings are plucked with the fingers in a similar technique used for flamenco guitars.  For info, the Viola Caipira is often seen as the national instrument of Brazil, but you’ll find more people saying the tambourine-like Pandeiro has a stronger claim – we were lucky enough to do recording sessions with both.

Massive thanks to the Paulinia Fest, especially Ricardo Ajzenberg, and to Maurício Muller from the Music Department at the Paulinia Film Studios for arranging things.