Biography: Addictive TV

British electronic artists Addictive TV are very much about their live shows, performing unreleased for many years and even once being eloquently described as ‘next level shit’ by Grandmaster Flash for their audiovisual sampling extravaganzas.  The duo of Graham Daniels and mash-up king Mark Vidler (aka Go Home Productions) now release their debut album.

Performing music with connected images, they’re “responsible for mind-bending live entertainment” wrote UK newspaper The Times.  US magazine Paste said “Addictive TV completely blew my mind! …a compelling pop-culture audio/visual avalanche!” while DJ Magazine twice voted them Number One VJ in the World alongside their Top 100 DJ Poll, saying “they’ve become famed for their eye-popping live shows, shredding and cutting film with beats into a heady, mind-meltingly funky mixture”.

Criss-crossing the art & music worlds, creating performances and installations for the likes of the Pompidou Centre in Paris and Museum of Contemporary Arts in Shanghai, and playing at events including the UK’s Glastonbury Festival and the San Francisco International Film Festival, the duo have now performed in over a staggering 50 countries! Addictive TV have also created commercials and other work for the likes of Adidas, Red Bull, EA Games, Greenpeace, Namco, even Hollywood studios including Paramount and 20th Century Fox have used their movie remixing talents to create alternative trailers for films such as Slumdog Millionaire, Iron Man and Fast & Furious.